//Precision modular vises: the most reliable grip.

Precision modular vises: the most reliable grip.

To perform jobs that require very high precision it is important that we know that not all clamping systems are the same and that in many cases conventional vises are not what we need. It is highly recommended that we are careful when performing precision machining and a slightly higher investment in clamping devises can make a difference in time and quality. The new modular jaws are specially designed for grip operations and vertical/ horizontal machining centers, although milling and grinding jobs also get very good and accurate results. Its design ensures perfect alignment and can bind many pieces simultaneously so it can be used horizontally and vertically.


A bid that meets all needs:


Helfer has added to its catalog a line of precision vises which thanks to its modular structure allows accessories to be exchanged that way maintaining a perfect alignment and reducing costs. It also has many points of reference that allow extremely precise proportion in all parts of the vise. The hardened steel used in their manufacture and tempering process ensures the stability and durability that professionals want. It also has different utilization possibilities and can therefore be used in many kinds of works because of, among other things, their multiple positions.


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