//Are the bearings at point?

Are the bearings at point?

Continually we find a very common problem in machining centers: worn bearings. This may seem not important but the most experienced machining companies certainly know how important it is to keep the bearings at point. The wear of this element means the difference between a precise finish and an irregular one. Also in the jobs that require more precision it can result in an unusable piece.


The process is recommended for machine between 8 and 10 years old and for turn heads up to 12,000 turns and should be performed by specialists. It is based on the removal of the head, removal of previous high-speed bearings and replacement with new ones. All tuning should be done on a specialized testing bench with the ubsequent implementation, evaluation and testing.


Ferromaster, nuestro servicio de asistencia técnica, ensures that machines are handled only by specialists and all equipment and materials used are of top brands. We have specialized equipment such as ballbar, tensiometer ISO / BT 0/40/50, HSK or an interferometric ML10 laser system.


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