//Why update your CNC?

Why update your CNC?

Lots of machineries and metal-mechanical professionals consult us their doubts regarding when to update their numerical control components and wether it´s really necessary. Our answer is the same: a good work is based in a optimal maintenance of the equipments. From Ferromaster we are going to try clarify the most common questions about retrofited and how benefits from the advantages of modernizing their machinaries.

The complexity of numerical control equipment forces us to do time to time certain processes of maintenance both electronic as IT. A good retrofitting service is most important of changing of peripheral elements as the control panel or dashboard because it must cover analysis, adjustment and replacement of internal components. This is very important because it can depend on the rate of productivity gains to the machine.

What retrofitting consisted the process?

Always make sure the service is conducted by experienced professionals with proper equipment so as to ensure that machinery is not only maintained their levels of productivity and performance but also increases considerably. The process consists of:

· Analysis of current components.

· Compatibility test.

· Removing and controllers change.

· Replacement of control panel (always leading brand such as FAGOR, SIEMENS, FANUC, HEIDENHAIN)

· Software update.

· General checking.

What equipment should update their numerical control?

The equipment more susceptible to need a retrofitting is one designed to heavy and continuous effort on work which require precision. We recomend this service specially for machining centers both vertical such as fixed bed although is also necessary to be aware updating CNC lathes and milling machines.

Frequency and reasons to upgrade?

Each machine has its cycle of lost productivity but through experience we can establish approximate guidelines to know to know the frequency with which we must update the numeric control components:

· Equipment with ten years old.

· Equipment employed in work processes requiring high quality finishing and have lost extreme accuracy.

· Semi-out of date equipment that is in a modern surroundings and require compatibility improvements.

· Obsolete machinery which will want to implement new tasks or processes.

What are the main benefits of retrofitting?

The main benefits we will win submitting our machine to a professional service of retrofitting goes beyond the lengthening of the life of the machine: :

· Improved response time.

· More powerful and stable software.

· Most complete numerical control and more features.

· Better compatibility with other components.

· Easy to repair.

· Immediate in receiving spare parts.

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